Internal BRE Documents

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Ethics and Principles


Our Mission, Vision and Values



BRE Group Strategy – Recipe for Future Growth
BRE Group Quality Policy Statement
BRE Group Handbook
Putting the BRE Way Into Practice Health, Safety & Wellbeing Health & Safety A-Z
Health & Safety Policy Statement
Safety Six Campaign
Contractors – Health, Safety and Environmental Information
Customer – Health, Safety and Environmental Information
Tenants – Health, Safety and Environmental Information
CDM Notifiable Work – Pre-tender information for customers and contractors
Staff Awards Form & Procedure
Wellbeing Policy
Occupational Health Service Provider
Lone and Remote Working Operational Procedure
Working Arrangements Policy
Family Friendly Policy
Child Welfare Policy
Women of Childbearing Age Procedure
Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
Equal Opportunity Dignity at Work
Equality Act 2010


Continuing Professional Development Policy


Professional Recognition Scheme Policy


Disciplinary Policy


BRE Group’s Grievance Policy & Procedure


Responsible Sourcing BRE Approved Contractors & Suppliers Database


Modern Slavery Act 2015
Environmental Impact  Environmental Policy Statement
BRE Sustainability Statement


S Plan


BRE Group Green Travel Staff Guidance
BRE Car Share Scheme
BRE Bike Pool Guidance
Honesty and Integrity

Bribery and corruption

Bribery Act 2010


Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy
Acceptance of Gifts, Hospitality and other Gratuities Procedure
Honesty and Integrity

Proper use of company property and resources



Acceptable Usage of Internet, Email & Social Networking Policy


Honesty and Integrity

Data protection and information security



Data Protection Policy
Control of Records Procedure
Confidentiality Procedure
Data Storage and Backup Policy
Information Security Management Policy
Information Security Incident Reporting Policy
Honesty and Integrity

Financial controls, records and reporting


Control of Documents Procedure


Travel and Expenses Policy
Raising Issues of Concern


Report a Health, Safety & Wellbeing Issue Absence Management Policy
Accident, Incident and Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Procedure


Accident and Incident Reporting and Investigation Form
Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Form
Driving on Company Business Procedure
BRE Group Off Site Working Guidance and Checklist
BRE Business Travel Operational Procedure
Travel Counsellors Contact Details
BRE Group Business Travel Insurance Guidance
Report an Ethical Issue Whistleblowing Policy
Blowing the Whistle to a Prescribed Person – list of prescribed persons and bodies


List of Complaints Covered by the Whistleblowing Law
Feedback Policy